How To Tell If You Need A New Car

November 2, 2018 Cars

Considering how expensive a car can be, it is no wonder that people are getting more and more reluctant to buy one. However, we still have that notion ingrained in us that you should have to replace your car every once in a while – like 5 to 7 years or so. And while there are some of us who do drive their ride for upwards of 10 years, many don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Well, here is the thing – humans are not rational creatures. Even if a car is expensive, we still find ways to justify the purchase and feel good afterwards. Why? Because we have been trained to crave stuff. And cars are quite the candy to our brains.

But we want to help you. As one of the top auto transport companies on the market we have plenty of insight into why people buy cars. We also have figure out some objective ways to tell you whether or not you should get a new one. With them your decision will not have to be based on emotion – if you can resist that, of course! Let’s check them out!

The Repair Bill Keeps Growing

An obvious way to tell if you need a new car is if the repair bill keeps growing. Now, this still does not mean that you need to replace it right away. However, if you keep noticing the same parts breaking, or issues occurring on a regular basis, you may want to think about a replacement.

While oftentimes the repair bill will not be bigger than your monthly payment for a new car, that is not exactly an apples to apples comparison. There are plenty of things of that make a malfunction worse than simply the fact you have to pay for repairs. Which leads us to the next point…

The Maintenance Problems Are Affecting Your Life

You may not have a giant repair bill, but having to take your car for repairs every month is not excellent either. If you cannot rely on your ride to take you from point A to point B whenever you need it, you are definitely in need of a vehicle.

Having to take your car for repairs not only eats at your time, but it can also be dangerous. In such a case you are better off going with a new car anyway.

Your Engine’s Efficiency Is Horrible

It is no secret that new cars have much better efficiency. That means they consume less fuel and also have less emissions because of that. Now, we have to say that this may not substantially lower your gas bill, but it will show nonetheless. Especially if you go with a hybrid or maybe even a fully electric vehicle.

Furthermore, the engine on your old car is getting worse by the day. It is not unheard that it starts eating up at the motor oil as well, which further damages it and increases your bills.

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