How To Ship A Car Cheaply

May 4, 2018 Auto Transport

Maybe you want to buy a car online and you have heard that looking outside of state can really save you some money. But when you actually buy it, you have to ship to you, and that would cost you, so you have to factor that in the price of the car.

Alternatively, you may just want to ship your car somewhere, but don’t want to spend a tremendous amount of money to do it. In both situations you would need a cheap way of transporting your car. Well, it is entirely possible to save money on that and today I am going to tell you how!

The Cheapest Transport Available

First, let me point out that car transport prices often fluctuate throughout the year. What may be a $1000 shipping today, may be $800 in two weeks. So do not be surprised when you see the prices going up and down constantly. The truth is that you can never “wait” for the perfect moment. That is because it may never come.

However, here is what you can do. You can be a bit more flexible with your time. For example, instead of wanting your car to be transported in a specific time frame, you can just book the service and choose to wait until a carrier decides to pick your car up for a certain price. You should keep in mind that this is not always an ideal solution though. Sometimes you may end up waiting for way too long.

So if waiting for a spot on a carrier does not suit you well, what else can you do?

Understanding Carrier Types

There are generally two types of carriers – open and enclosed transport. While enclosed is perfect for luxury or collectible vehicles, it is also more expensive in general. Enclosed transport also has another issue – it has longer waiting times, due to a more challenging supply/demand situation.

All these things put quite the strain on enclosed transport, and although it is often preferred even for regular vehicles, the reality is that you are not better off with it.

On the other hand, going for open transport will reduce both your waiting times and the cost of the service. This is what you are looking for, right? The thing is that you will still have to wait for some time (though much less than enclosed transport) if you want to find a good price. Otherwise, you can pay a little extra and find a spot on a carrier much faster.


Although auto transport may seem like an expensive alternative compared to just driving your car or hiring a professional to do it, the truth is that if you factor in all the costs, car shipping will always come on top as the better choice.

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