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When you go looking for a new car, you always see certain features advertised from the get-go. Heated seats? Heated steering wheel? Heated mirrors? Heated whatever you want? Yes, the heating options are getting a bit out of control nowadays. Some people even say that most of the car features are pretty much gimmicks at this point.

However, we from InstaCar Transport have noticed that people are looking for specific features that rarely get advertised. What is even more interesting is that sometimes they do that unconsciously. So before you order car shipping for that nice used car you’ve marked, check out the interesting features below, which you may not be aware that you actually want!

Resting Your Arm Like It Is Meant To Be

If you have ever had an arm rest in your car, you know how invaluable it is. Honestly, I can never go back to driving a car without one. It feels extremely uncomfortable, and dare I say – unnatural. Of course, there is nothing natural about resting your arm when you are driving, but since I have come from a manual gearbox, I got used to the idea.

Nowadays, even if I am driving an automatic, I still prefer to have an armrest. Of course, when I am in intense traffic in the city I keep both my hands on the wheel. But sometimes, you just want a place to rest your right arm. Seriously!

A Touch of Manual

No, no, we are not talking about manual transmission – but we are talking about manual handbrakes! The truth is that I cannot stand the modern motorized versions that can cause a bunch of problems. Not only are they difficult to fix, but they can get jammed due to cold weather too. Now isn’t that a serious issue? To me it is, and I will always prefer a nice handbrake that can actually be pulled.

Keyless Everywhere

Have you ever had a car, which you did not have to unlock and start with your keys? Plenty of modern vehicles have keyless systems, which allow your car to be opened and started if your keys are in its proximity. I am telling you, this may be a bit pretentious, but I cannot go back to keyed designs. Once you plunge into the comfort of not having to use keys, you want everything to become keyless.

Comfort Is Everything

How much time do you spend with your car each day? One hour? Two perhaps? For a lot of us driving is a daily part of life, and quite significant at that. This is why one of the major things I look at is the comfort of the seats.

If you are not able to sit in the car you want to buy, you should definitely look up some reviews online. Do not underestimate the importance of comfort when it comes to the seats. I have had plenty of bad experiences with terribly uncomfortable seats. And to think I have to sit in it for 2 hours a day? No, thanks!


If you’ve ever bought a car for yourself, you know you have wondered whether or not you should try to look for one online. Provided that was done in the recent years, of course. Well, that question is even more relevant today. Nowadays going to a dealership may not even make sense at all. With car shipping options being available, you can really buy a car from anywhere in the country.

That being said, even if you have the option to buy a car online, doesn’t mean you should do it, right? You may have some concerns and that is perfectly fine. Today we are going to give you some reasons why buying your next vehicle online makes sense, and why it can actually be better overall. Are you ready?

Reason #1: Ditch The Dealers

One of the worst things about the whole car buying experience in dealerships are actually the dealers. They are trained to employ sleazy persuasion tactics that get you to spend more than you actually want (or need). So what can you do to avoid all that? Easy, just skip the dealership process altogether!

Or you can actually use the physical dealerships as a place where you find out more about the cars you have an interest in. That way you will know whether a particular model is exactly what you want. But by no means buy the model there and then (except if it is really an exceptionally good offer, which is highly unlikely). That brings us to the next reason!

Reason #2: Dig The Deals

It is no secret that you can find much better deals online, especially when you are not limited by state. Sometimes dealerships across the country may have huge discounts on vehicles for one reason or another. There is nothing wrong with buying a car from them and having it shipped to you. Actually, you can ask the dealer if they do shipments (a lot of them do). That way you get the model you want at a much lower price (often 20% less, if not more).

Reason #3: Take Your Time

When you are looking for a car at a dealership, you are often pressed to make a snap decision. That is the best way for the dealer to get more out of you. That is not in your interest, naturally, so you have to be careful about the way they rush you.

On the other hand, when you are shopping online, you can take as much time as you want. You can do your research without issues, you can compare prices and you can even compare models directly. Heck, you can even open up an YouTube tab and find out as much information as you want!


Obviously, purchasing a car online is not the be all and end all process, but it is definitely a worthy thing to consider. Don’t rush things and if you cannot find good deals at your local dealerships, don’t hesitate to look things up online.


The world of cars is a very diverse place. You have your regular car enthusiasts that get excited by everything car related. Then you have the classic car collectors, who could not care less about modern vehicles. But you also have the futurists, who want the latest tech in every single vehicle out there. Or the modding community, which enjoys chopping the cars and making them a piece of art.

But then you have the manufacturers themselves. They are the ones who come up with the designs, and sometimes they want to experiment as well. That is how supercars are born. These types of vehicles are not exactly meant for mass production, but rather to push the limits of human ingenuity and modern-day engineering.

As one of the leading auto transport companies, we are interested in all types of cars. That is why today we figured we should focus on the ones that probably deserve the attention the most – we are talking supercars!

Supercar #1: Lamborghini Huracán

This car is one of the few that you can buy right out of the get-go. It is fairly expensive, but it is a real gem. Reaching top speed in this vehicle is virtually impossible on most roads, and even on a track! But that does not mean you cannot enjoy breaking the 60-mile barrier in just 3.2 seconds.

Lamborghini Huracán is currently the flagship model of the company. However, we are expecting a new one to hit pretty soon, because this one came out in 2014 and more supercars have come out since.

Supercar #2: Ferrari 488

The second supercar is another one that you can get, although not as easily. Ferrari are notorious for being pretty difficult on the acquiring part, but that should not stop you, if you dream of this beauty!

Indeed, this car is a real jewel. It is a pretty thing to look at, but that is not what makes it a supercar. Instead, it is the specs that make it so amazing. For example, we are looking at 3 seconds to break the 60 mph limit. That is perhaps why it has been dubbed the best supercar of 2015. Oh, and if you want to go looking for the horsepower of this vehicle, we’ve got you covered – it has 661 bhp.

Supercar #3: McLaren 720S

This one is perhaps my favorite both in terms of design and in terms of specs. It came out just last year and is breaking records ever since. The British beauty is bound to remain one of the best supercars on the market for quite a while. It breaks the 62 mph barrier in just 2.9 seconds, so that means it beats the Ferrari as well. That is not surprising though, because with 710 bhp you cannot expect a worse performance.

If you are wondering why I am not mentioning Bugatti here at all – well, I wanted to break up the list a bit, a not include the world’s most famous supercar.


The next big leap in vehicle technology is obviously the electrical engine. While there are companies, which manufacture it even now, most of the car brands out there have not fully adopted the EV concept. That being said, some are still miles ahead and today we are going to look at some of them.

Auto transport companies have seen the rise in the shipping of electric vehicles. This may not be directly linked to demand, but there is at least a vague correlation. So let’s say you have decided to shop for an EV. Do you know which one to buy? Or which company has great reputation altogether? Let’s explore these questions!

The Obvious Contender – Tesla

We have to open this list up with Tesla. They are the obvious choice for many people, or they would be, if their supply situation was not a complete disaster. While people have been getting there Model 3 vehicles for a few months now, the company does not have a great track record when it comes to filling the demand.

As far as quality control and maintenance goes, Tesla has not acquired many negatives here yet. But being a new company, we cannot really judge much right now.

The Early Adopter – Toyota

We all know the Prius – arguably the most popular part-EV out there. Toyota began the revolution in the market by creating and affordable vehicle, which could also run on electricity (at least for a while).

Toyota are famous for building high quality cars, which also have quite track record in terms of reliability and maintenance costs. The company is also concerned with constant innovation. A lot of their vehicles can be found in hybrid variants as well, and let’s not forget that Toyota also brought hydrogen cars to the public.

The sad part about the company is that most people are not thrilled about the aesthetics of these vehicles. Honestly, we understand that. The design is clearly distinctive, but that does not mean it is exceptional in any way. Here the Americans and Germans do much better.

The Surprise – Hyundai

A lot of people do not see Hyundai as the most reputable car company, but we would argue otherwise. They have adopted the EV mission in its entirety, and they have been improving their electric models for a while. They also know the market well, because you can find Hyundai vehicles in plenty of flavors – plug-in hybrids, regular hybrids or full on EVs. If you are looking for such a vehicle, don’t forget to check out what this company has to offer.

The Rest

The options from Renault, Nissan and Chevrolet are not to be dismissed either. BMW has also stepped up with some EVs, but theirs are rather lackluster in terms of price-to-performance ratio. That being said, I think most people will still strive towards either Toyota or Tesla.


Can you imagine a world without cars? Even if you are not a fan of them, automobiles are the things that currently run our world. Without vehicles we would not have online shopping, a lot of work options and car shipping possibilities, or… well, seriously – anything.

But then again, cars are pretty complicated for many people. There are some things that are just downright frustrating with them. That is why today we are going to focus on 5 important things you need to know about cars. That way you will know a thing or two about them, and perhaps be a bit more at ease. Shall we start?

Thing #1: Oil Change Is A Thing

Regular car maintenance is crucial. But one of the most important aspects of it is oil change. Are you familiar with it? A lot of people do not change their oil when they should, because they are unfamiliar with the entire process (or even the necessity for it). Luckily, yearly maintenance checks would catch that usually, but still – if you drive your car a lot, you’d need oil changes more regularly than that.

A general rule of thumb is to change your oil every 5 to 7 thousand miles or so. This varies depending on the vehicle and for some newer vehicles you can go up to 10 thousand miles without a need to change the oil. However, don’t take that for granted, and check with your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Thing #2: Stick Shift Is Not Dead… Yet

Younger folks nowadays dread the stick shift. That is not without reason. Frankly, no one even teaches them how to drive it correctly, and there are fewer and fewer people who can actually do it. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to learn it.

Stick shift is not dead yet, and you do not know when there will be an emergency where you could step up if you only know how to drive stick. So why not learn it?

Thing #3: Changing A Tire Is Not A Big Deal

Too many people have no idea how to change a tire. Seriously, it drives me crazy, but this isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be. You just need the proper tools, which can easily fit at the back of your car. There is no need to call a tow truck next time you get a flat tire.

Bonus: Cars Have Character

Not all cars feel the same. Actually each one is a bit different and has a character of its own. When you buy a new car, you should not assume that all your driving expertise all of a sudden transfers over. Instead, drive more conservatively and consider the possibility that maybe you are not that good at driving this particular vehicle just yet.

It is a good idea to treat driving a new car as if you are a new driver altogether. Be overly alert and pay attention to the little details that can ruin your day.


Having your business revolve around cars gives you quite the perspective on things. For the past 20 years we have seen many evolutions in car design, but we have not seen that many groundbreaking things. It was not until recently when we have started seeing some disruption and cars that actually broke the general ideas of what the industry is capable of.

Do you know when you can say that a change is here to stay? When auto transport companies start noticing it every day. So going along this definition, we can say that EVs are definitely a thing. They are not a gimmick and they are definitely the future. But what about other technologies?

Of course, we can speculate about tons of things. Perhaps one day we will have flying cars, but that is more fiction than anything else. But self-driving ones? These are possible. What about another fuel source, which is not even electricity? Toyota tried hydrogen a while back. So what else can there be?

No More Personal Vehicles

Now, this is more on the speculative side of things, but it is definitely possible. We have seen the rise of services such as Uber and Lyft. It is not that hard to imagine that in a world of ultimate efficiency, we will have no use for private vehicles. For example, whenever you need a car, an algorithm will be able to figure out the most optimal way to pick you up and do it in less time.

It can be the case that cars will be designed with ride sharing in mind. The seats will be separate even with covers to not see who else is riding. It may be hard to imagine right now, but there are companies working to accomplish just that.

Electronic Everything

Our cars are getting more and more computerized by the minute, but they are not yet to the place where all mechanical things are left aside. Interestingly enough, that may be coming to an end soon. Aside from the engine, which can hardly be just electronic, everything else can probably be tied to a computer.

Take the windshield for example. Can you imagine a heads-up display on it? Because some people can and are doing their best to bring it to you. Additionally, smart systems are already helping people with parking their vehicles, so there is that. The need for mechanical skill and space awareness is going away.

Safety Features

We can talk fancy new additions as much as we want, but they would not matter if we do not take care of people’s safety first. What good is a HUD if it is going to distract you from driving, for example? So the next big leap will be coming in the safety department.

Certain vehicles have automatic breaking systems, while others have special suspension that can track and predict possible collisions, so it will bump the side of the car upwards, thus limiting the possible damage significantly. Smart, right?

There are probably other technologies that will come soon, but these are the ones that interest us the most.


The world of cars may seem like a simple place, but there are tons of things that are going around. Once you start considering buying a new car, you may run into quite the conundrum – do you get yourself an SUV, or a trusty sedan? Perhaps a minivan will do, or you know what – a hatchback seems nice as well.

With so many options around, it can be quite difficult to choose the right one. And with auto shipping companies eager to transport whatever car you tell them, you cannot really make up your mind that quickly. That is why today we are going to look into the major body types and help you figure out which one will be the best for you. Let’s go!

Compact And Efficient – The Hatchback!

While there are plenty of hatchbacks that are neither compact, nor efficient, the majority of vehicles with this body type do tend to focus on those things. After all, why would you go after a hatchback otherwise? You could be just fine with a sedan.

Despite being more compact, hatchbacks can also be fairly versatile. They may lack space in the trunk, but through some engineering ingenuity, you can push the seats down and have a makeshift trunk whenever you want. Great for single people or couples without kids. And hatchbacks also make for great city cars!

Go Big or Go Home – The SUV!

If you have a family and you also have to look presentable, you might as well go all the way and get yourself an SUV. A good alternative can also be the crossover, although many people cannot even make the difference between the two. Hence we are lumping them together.

SUVs are great, because they offer tons of space and usually have better protection against collisions. For people who care about their safety and the safety of their family, this kind of body type makes a lot of sense. However, SUVs are heavier and tend to be fairly inefficient. So if you want to save money on gas, you should perhaps look towards the next alternative.

A Family Staple – The Minivan!

While the minivan has definitely lost some steam, it still makes sense for many family people. If you are not dependent on having a business look, a minivan can be awesome for a big family. It has plenty of space, often comes with efficiency in mind and can be lighter than an SUV (although not always).

The Golden Middle – The Sedan!

You know what? Perhaps you don’t want a compact car, but you don’t want to go overboard with the size either. You just want a ride that is reliable and will get the job done wherever you go. Throw in some good looks just for measure and you have yourself a great all-rounder. Nice, right?

The above description fits the sedan quite well. If you want a car that is a jack of all trades, you can’t go wrong with that body type. Plus there are many luxury models that can blow you away for sure.


We all know the sedan – the general purpose car that is good for just about anything, except heavy duty tasks. Not quite the family vehicle, but one step above compact autos for sure. And yet, this middle ground seems like the best place to be, right? Because most people need something in the middle, don’t they? Maybe not!

As one of the leading auto transport companies we see plenty of vehicles each day. And there is definitely a trend – the middle ground of cars is going away. Now you go either big or small, but the sedan in between? Yes, that is pretty much dying.

Today we are going to look into the reasons why sedans may be on their way out. You may not want to happen, but there isn’t much you can do (except buy more of them, perhaps). So let’s jump straight into the topic.

People Know What They Want

The first reason why sedans are going out of style is because people actually do not want them. This is not to say they do not need them, but with all the hype around other types of vehicles, the sedan seems just plain boring. You may think that people do not usually fall for marketing hype, but think again – they do!

Here is the thing though – what people want may not be what people need. Why exactly does anyone need a crossover? It is not good on the off-roading aspect, it consumes more fuel and it barely has enough space in it anyway. We have compact and subcompact crossovers, which makes no sense. Yes, they look cool, but what utility do they have?

And yet people are buying them like crazy. Marketing has done its job to convince you that the bigger the car the more presentable it is. And you know what? It is also more expensive. Which leads us to our second point.

Companies Are Making More With SUVs

The cost of purchasing an SUV or a crossover is higher than getting a sedan. Production-wise though? Not so much. Companies can charge more for these vehicles, because they appear to cost more. That makes car manufacturers happy, because you are more than willing to give your money for something like this.

But they also know that some people still need and want compact cars. So they also offer those. They emphasize efficiency, utility and their compact nature. Honestly though, a nice compact sedan can be just as good and as efficient. And 8 inches in length don’t make that much of a difference anyway. However, by stressing both ends of the spectrum, car manufacturers virtually leave you without a choice.

Think of it like this – you may need a slightly larger car. A sedan would do the job where a compact auto won’t. But then you hear this awesome thing about the compact SUV. It is a bit larger than the sedan, so you know – you get more space. And supposedly it offers a more comfortable ride. Did we mention it appears safer, too? Perhaps you can go on a proper trip with it one day!

That is how you end up spending a good few grands more on an SUV and how the sedan finds its way out.


Considering how expensive a car can be, it is no wonder that people are getting more and more reluctant to buy one. However, we still have that notion ingrained in us that you should have to replace your car every once in a while – like 5 to 7 years or so. And while there are some of us who do drive their ride for upwards of 10 years, many don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Well, here is the thing – humans are not rational creatures. Even if a car is expensive, we still find ways to justify the purchase and feel good afterwards. Why? Because we have been trained to crave stuff. And cars are quite the candy to our brains.

But we want to help you. As one of the top auto transport companies on the market we have plenty of insight into why people buy cars. We also have figure out some objective ways to tell you whether or not you should get a new one. With them your decision will not have to be based on emotion – if you can resist that, of course! Let’s check them out!

The Repair Bill Keeps Growing

An obvious way to tell if you need a new car is if the repair bill keeps growing. Now, this still does not mean that you need to replace it right away. However, if you keep noticing the same parts breaking, or issues occurring on a regular basis, you may want to think about a replacement.

While oftentimes the repair bill will not be bigger than your monthly payment for a new car, that is not exactly an apples to apples comparison. There are plenty of things of that make a malfunction worse than simply the fact you have to pay for repairs. Which leads us to the next point…

The Maintenance Problems Are Affecting Your Life

You may not have a giant repair bill, but having to take your car for repairs every month is not excellent either. If you cannot rely on your ride to take you from point A to point B whenever you need it, you are definitely in need of a vehicle.

Having to take your car for repairs not only eats at your time, but it can also be dangerous. In such a case you are better off going with a new car anyway.

Your Engine’s Efficiency Is Horrible

It is no secret that new cars have much better efficiency. That means they consume less fuel and also have less emissions because of that. Now, we have to say that this may not substantially lower your gas bill, but it will show nonetheless. Especially if you go with a hybrid or maybe even a fully electric vehicle.

Furthermore, the engine on your old car is getting worse by the day. It is not unheard that it starts eating up at the motor oil as well, which further damages it and increases your bills.


Let’s be honest with each other – most people have no idea what they are doing when they set out to buy a car. No matter how tough and knowledgeable about vehicles we want to look, the truth is not on our side. But that is nothing to be ashamed of. Most people do not have enough time to spend in researching the best car on the block, let alone be constantly updated about new models.

So when you want to buy a new car, what do you do? How do approach it and how can you actually tell if a vehicle is good or not? Of course, there are plenty of online services, which can give you such information for a fee, but can you really trust them? Or do you prefer to know at least a few things about picking a car?

As a professional car shipping company we work with dealerships and we know what cars people buy. Interestingly enough most people do not even think to look deeper into the whole thing. They get caught up in good words, nice aesthetics and some hearsay. Today we are going to save you from all that! Here is how you should approach buying your next car.

  1. Decide The Type

Perhaps you are wondering between a minivan, or an SUV. Or you may want a sedan, but that awesome coupe looks too appealing. Here is the thing – options are good, but too many of them can cripple your choice.

You have to decide on the type of car that you want. Forget about the models, focus on the build. Ask yourself the right questions – what are you going to use it for. Do you really need a bigger car? Can you afford spending more just for some unnecessary extras? Does fuel efficiency matter?

Don’t make the mistake of getting an SUV if what you need is a small city car. Alternatively, don’t pick an unseemly vehicle, if you have a personal image to maintain. These things matter and you have to prioritize them accordingly.

  1. Find The Price-Presentation-Quality Ratio That You Want

Here is the thing – you may want a cheap car, and that is fine. You may find a good one, too. But no one is going to confuse your cheap car for a brand new Cadillac SUV, right? Alternatively, you may like the car brand, the price may fit you well, but if the model has a bad reputation online, you may want to look into something different.

History knows plenty of reliable models that also come at a good price, but sacrifice their looks for that. Even the ones that do not do that are still considered somewhat mediocre. Most folks like their Prius, but no one is giving it the “luxury car of the year” award, right?

Next week we will look into some more things that will help you with picking up the car you want, so stay tuned!

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