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We all know the sedan – the general purpose car that is good for just about anything, except heavy duty tasks. Not quite the family vehicle, but one step above compact autos for sure. And yet, this middle ground seems like the best place to be, right? Because most people need something in the middle, don’t they? Maybe not!

As one of the leading auto transport companies we see plenty of vehicles each day. And there is definitely a trend – the middle ground of cars is going away. Now you go either big or small, but the sedan in between? Yes, that is pretty much dying.

Today we are going to look into the reasons why sedans may be on their way out. You may not want to happen, but there isn’t much you can do (except buy more of them, perhaps). So let’s jump straight into the topic.

People Know What They Want

The first reason why sedans are going out of style is because people actually do not want them. This is not to say they do not need them, but with all the hype around other types of vehicles, the sedan seems just plain boring. You may think that people do not usually fall for marketing hype, but think again – they do!

Here is the thing though – what people want may not be what people need. Why exactly does anyone need a crossover? It is not good on the off-roading aspect, it consumes more fuel and it barely has enough space in it anyway. We have compact and subcompact crossovers, which makes no sense. Yes, they look cool, but what utility do they have?

And yet people are buying them like crazy. Marketing has done its job to convince you that the bigger the car the more presentable it is. And you know what? It is also more expensive. Which leads us to our second point.

Companies Are Making More With SUVs

The cost of purchasing an SUV or a crossover is higher than getting a sedan. Production-wise though? Not so much. Companies can charge more for these vehicles, because they appear to cost more. That makes car manufacturers happy, because you are more than willing to give your money for something like this.

But they also know that some people still need and want compact cars. So they also offer those. They emphasize efficiency, utility and their compact nature. Honestly though, a nice compact sedan can be just as good and as efficient. And 8 inches in length don’t make that much of a difference anyway. However, by stressing both ends of the spectrum, car manufacturers virtually leave you without a choice.

Think of it like this – you may need a slightly larger car. A sedan would do the job where a compact auto won’t. But then you hear this awesome thing about the compact SUV. It is a bit larger than the sedan, so you know – you get more space. And supposedly it offers a more comfortable ride. Did we mention it appears safer, too? Perhaps you can go on a proper trip with it one day!

That is how you end up spending a good few grands more on an SUV and how the sedan finds its way out.


Considering how expensive a car can be, it is no wonder that people are getting more and more reluctant to buy one. However, we still have that notion ingrained in us that you should have to replace your car every once in a while – like 5 to 7 years or so. And while there are some of us who do drive their ride for upwards of 10 years, many don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Well, here is the thing – humans are not rational creatures. Even if a car is expensive, we still find ways to justify the purchase and feel good afterwards. Why? Because we have been trained to crave stuff. And cars are quite the candy to our brains.

But we want to help you. As one of the top auto transport companies on the market we have plenty of insight into why people buy cars. We also have figure out some objective ways to tell you whether or not you should get a new one. With them your decision will not have to be based on emotion – if you can resist that, of course! Let’s check them out!

The Repair Bill Keeps Growing

An obvious way to tell if you need a new car is if the repair bill keeps growing. Now, this still does not mean that you need to replace it right away. However, if you keep noticing the same parts breaking, or issues occurring on a regular basis, you may want to think about a replacement.

While oftentimes the repair bill will not be bigger than your monthly payment for a new car, that is not exactly an apples to apples comparison. There are plenty of things of that make a malfunction worse than simply the fact you have to pay for repairs. Which leads us to the next point…

The Maintenance Problems Are Affecting Your Life

You may not have a giant repair bill, but having to take your car for repairs every month is not excellent either. If you cannot rely on your ride to take you from point A to point B whenever you need it, you are definitely in need of a vehicle.

Having to take your car for repairs not only eats at your time, but it can also be dangerous. In such a case you are better off going with a new car anyway.

Your Engine’s Efficiency Is Horrible

It is no secret that new cars have much better efficiency. That means they consume less fuel and also have less emissions because of that. Now, we have to say that this may not substantially lower your gas bill, but it will show nonetheless. Especially if you go with a hybrid or maybe even a fully electric vehicle.

Furthermore, the engine on your old car is getting worse by the day. It is not unheard that it starts eating up at the motor oil as well, which further damages it and increases your bills.


Let’s be honest with each other – most people have no idea what they are doing when they set out to buy a car. No matter how tough and knowledgeable about vehicles we want to look, the truth is not on our side. But that is nothing to be ashamed of. Most people do not have enough time to spend in researching the best car on the block, let alone be constantly updated about new models.

So when you want to buy a new car, what do you do? How do approach it and how can you actually tell if a vehicle is good or not? Of course, there are plenty of online services, which can give you such information for a fee, but can you really trust them? Or do you prefer to know at least a few things about picking a car?

As a professional car shipping company we work with dealerships and we know what cars people buy. Interestingly enough most people do not even think to look deeper into the whole thing. They get caught up in good words, nice aesthetics and some hearsay. Today we are going to save you from all that! Here is how you should approach buying your next car.

  1. Decide The Type

Perhaps you are wondering between a minivan, or an SUV. Or you may want a sedan, but that awesome coupe looks too appealing. Here is the thing – options are good, but too many of them can cripple your choice.

You have to decide on the type of car that you want. Forget about the models, focus on the build. Ask yourself the right questions – what are you going to use it for. Do you really need a bigger car? Can you afford spending more just for some unnecessary extras? Does fuel efficiency matter?

Don’t make the mistake of getting an SUV if what you need is a small city car. Alternatively, don’t pick an unseemly vehicle, if you have a personal image to maintain. These things matter and you have to prioritize them accordingly.

  1. Find The Price-Presentation-Quality Ratio That You Want

Here is the thing – you may want a cheap car, and that is fine. You may find a good one, too. But no one is going to confuse your cheap car for a brand new Cadillac SUV, right? Alternatively, you may like the car brand, the price may fit you well, but if the model has a bad reputation online, you may want to look into something different.

History knows plenty of reliable models that also come at a good price, but sacrifice their looks for that. Even the ones that do not do that are still considered somewhat mediocre. Most folks like their Prius, but no one is giving it the “luxury car of the year” award, right?

Next week we will look into some more things that will help you with picking up the car you want, so stay tuned!


Every car enthusiast out there secretly loves sports cars. Even if you are not a particular fan of this subcategory of vehicles, you still have a special place in your heart for a particular sporty model that you have seen in your childhood perhaps. There is something intrinsically cool about sports cars and it is no wonder that a lot of people yearn to buy one at some point.

So let’s say that you are already at the point where you can afford such a car. The question is – which one should it be? As one of the top auto transport companies, we from Insta Car Transport have quite the experience with shipping sports cars. We know that people are favoring certain models and today we will look into some great models that we have found. Let’s check them out!

Let’s Start With Muscle

One of the best types of sports cars is the muscle. We all know and love the classic Mustang or Camaro. Dodge Charger is also up there are a worthy contender, among several other makes. But which muscle car should you buy today?

Sadly, this market is undersatured. Not many brands are looking to expand into it, perhaps because it is not that big to begin with. At least not as big as it used to be back in the day. So the pick should be between the 2018 Mustang and the 2018 Camaro. Both vehicles are capable, but the Mustang may be pulling ahead just a bit. Whatever you pick, you cannot go wrong with either of those vehicles.

Some Great Speed

Sports cars are all about speed, right? So it figures that what people will look into the most when buying such a car, is how it performs on the road, and namely – how fast it can get to 60 mph. Now, I am not going to include supercars here, because it wouldn’t be fair. So if we just stick to regular sports cars under $50k or $60k, we have to give this title to…. Well, Ford Mustang again.

But wait, wait, we know that is not alright. Actually the BMW M240i comes quite close, so you can definitely check that one out. The issue is that some people wouldn’t necessarily consider it that much of a sports car, as it also falls well into the luxury category.

If you are not afraid of spending a bit more, you can definitely enjoy Porsche’s take on sports vehicles with fast cars such as the 911, or the Panamera Turbo. Both are capable beasts that will blow you away with their speed.

A step up would be Lamborghini or Ferrari, but at that point we are treading a territory a bit too close to supercars. But you know what? If you have the money, go for them. There is something special about these vehicles and you will hardly regret owning own of them!


There are two types of car enthusiasts – those who like every new model on the market with its innovations, and those that prefer the older vehicles, which have stood the test of time. Or alternatively, you may fall into both categories.

Honestly, there is something extremely charming about vintage cars. Even if you do not take them for their collection value, they are still pieces of art – something, which cannot be said for most of the modern models.

That being said, you may actually be wondering whether or not you should join in on the fun of classic car collecting. Still, there might be a few things that are stopping you – like the price to such a hobby, or even the models’ availability. Well, we from Insta Car Transport have done our fair share of vintage car shipping so we can tell you a bit about our experience with classic cars.

The Benefits to Collecting Classic Cars

Let’s start with something rather obvious – the hobby is simply fun. There is nothing like having a vintage car in your garage that you constantly tweak and maintain. Some people even buy vehicles in poor condition and enjoy restoring them.

Of course, you may only want to collect them and cherish them as they are. In such a case you can actually find plenty of models in good condition that do not need too much pampering when you buy them. You just need to do a bit more research into them, as some issues may not be obvious.

A major plus to the hobby is the fact that most vehicles are likely to appreciate in value. Unlike current day cars, which only depreciate with time, the classics of old hold up their value much better. Considering they are a limited resource, you can actually turn the hobby into an investment opportunity. Before you do that though, you will need to learn a lot more about the industry.

There are plenty of other benefits as well. You will join a very interesting group of people, if you want to network within the classic car community. There are many events throughout the year and you will definitely not be bored.

Some Concerns About It

Here is the thing – price is indeed a factor. Even the cheapest classics will require you to shell out at least 10 grand. That being said, if you study the industry, you can start turning things around to the point where the hobby feeds itself.

There comes another problem though – time. While most people do not even consider it, this hobby can actually take quite the chunk out of your free time. Proper research and then car maintenance are bound to eat up your precious hours, but then again, as we have already said, you will not be bored during that at all.

So what do you think, should you take up the hobby of classic car collecting?


Buying a car can be an extremely frustrating experience. Most of us dread the idea of haggling with a dealer. It usually leaves a bad taste in our mouth, and frankly, it seems like we are always being ripped off, even if we drive the price down.

Luckily, we live in the digital age now. It is easier than ever to buy stuff online and that includes cars as well. If eye-to-eye contact with a car dealer makes you uncomfortable, you will be glad to hear that you can skip all of that with an online interaction. That way you can still drive the price down without feeling that awkward doing it.

Plus you can find better prices in different states. With the services of the various auto transport companies out there, you can then get the car to you. But now let’s see some tips for purchasing a car online and how to do it properly without losing your mind in the process.

Tip #1: Pick The Car First

Before you start comparing prices between cars online, you should first decide on what car you would want to buy. If you could narrow your choices down to 2 or 3 it will be much easier to find a good deal.

A big mistake that people do is to start comparing prices for different vehicles, but they don’t ultimately matter. It is obvious that 20 vehicles will be vastly differently priced. So narrow your picks first based on research. Figure out which car is worth buying regardless of the fluctuations in the price tag. Initially you would only need a ballpark figure, not a precise number anyway.

Tip #2: Do Your Research Properly

If you have decided on a couple of vehicles, make sure you compare them adequately between the different dealerships. Sometimes you can see very low prices, which are usually for the barebones model. In a different case you may see a slightly higher price that actually includes quite a lot of the additions you may want.

A good rule of thumb is to always notice the basic price first and then compare the additions. Often a lower base price means the additions are much more expensive and you will end up paying a few thousand dollars more without getting much out of them in the end.

Tip #3: Talk To Several Dealerships At Once

You can hold multiple conversations online without a problem. Use that to your advantage. There is nothing wrong in driving the price down with one dealer while you are doing the same with another. You can even use the price the other person has given you as leverage.

However, do not go overboard with this. It is not okay to lie and at some point you may have to pick up the phone and have a voice conversation. Be careful though – it is much easier for a dealer to convince you into buying something over the phone.


When we are deciding what car to buy there are several major factors we take into consideration. Of course, we want the car to be functional for our needs, but we also need it to be fairly reliable and if we can get that at a good price it will be a score for us. Because at the end of the day, no matter how luxurious, reliable and functional a car is, if it does not fall within our price range, we are not going to buy it.

But is price the most important thing? Or to put it differently – is the initial cost of the vehicle the only thing you should look at? Could there be more to how the price is formed? Sadly, a vehicle can cost you much more down the line, if you forget about the hidden costs of these cars.

Hidden Cost #1: Part Availability

Even the most reliable vehicles break down from time to time. At that point you will be forced to shell out a bit of money and take care of repairs. Sure, for the first several years this may be covered by warranty, but after that you are on your own.

Sadly, most people do not consider that part availability may be an issue. If the car you buy is not so common, it is likely that the parts won’t be common either. So when you consider how “unique” a vehicle is, also think about the fact that uniqueness may not always be a positive trait.

Hidden Cost #2: The Add-ons

Just because the basic model of a vehicle is cheap, does not mean that the model itself is all that cheap when you factor in all the things you actually need. Sadly, the dealership industry lures you in with great prices, only to get you to buy something much more expensive.

But the worst part is not buying what you need – it is buying what you don’t need. This is how they get you. They throw in nice extras that are overpriced, unnecessary and designed to look crucial.

Hidden Cost #3: Your Carbon Footprint

Okay, not all of us are all that concerned about our impact on the environment. However, we should be. And for those of us that actually are, it matters if we are being tricked into buying an “eco-friendly” vehicle, just to learn that the environment could have been better off with something else.

For example, you may think that EV batteries put a strain on the environment, but then you forget that gasoline engines are much worse. Why? Well, it is not only that you burn the fuel, but also fuel is needed to get that gas to you. Trucks transport it to gas stations, you have to get to the station, too, the petrol needs to be refined. All of these things pile up quite fast.

If you care for the environment, you’d be happy to learn that with car shipping you are taking the right decisions. Instead of 10 cars being on the road, there is only one truck there. Much better, right?


If you are a car enthusiast, you probably want that sweet luxury vehicle, right? Maybe it is the sports car you have been eyeing for a while, or that super formidable SUV. Perhaps it is an off-road beast that you prefer! Well, is that the right pick though?

Today we are going to see if expensive cars are truly luxurious and whether or not more money means better quality. If you are interested in purchasing such a car though, don’t forget that you can still find it cheaper online. In such a case we can help you with auto transport from a different state. But for now, let’s get going!

Does It Make Economical Sense?

Before we see whether or not luxury vehicles are indeed of higher quality, first we have to ask ourselves whether or not they make economical sense. Why? Because sometimes a more expensive thing does indeed work better and in turn can save you money. However, is that the case with luxury cars? Not really.

Every car, cheap or expensive, is still a complicated piece of machinery. It has a lot of moving parts and all of them are prone to wear and tear. Sure, some cheap knock-off repair parts last only a little while, but most middle-of-the-road ones will usually be the best deal. Expensive parts do not really bring all that much longevity with them. So, in essence, a luxury vehicle will get worn out just as much. Money does not protect it from such a thing.

So if you are thinking that a high-end vehicle has somehow more life, that is not necessarily true. However, you may indeed get better customer services, although that is not a guarantee either. You have to do your research there.

Do You Still Get Better Quality Though?

When it comes to vehicle quality, the answer gets a bit more… polarizing. That is because quality can be very subjective. On the one hand, you do not necessarily get parts that are of much higher quality. Yes, usually the engines are great (although not always), and the breaks are top notch, but some other components may be the same as more budget-minded vehicles. You can see that with a lot of Japanese brand, but even German auto manufacturers are guilty of doing it.

The one thing that you do get better with luxury vehicles is… well, the luxury aspect. You get better interior, and you usually have a lot more comfort options inside. The A/C is likely more advanced and you probably get a bunch of other extras.

Here comes the issue though – are all these extras worth the money? Luxury vehicles can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Sadly though, it is proven that the price does not reflect the value. After all, a faux leather interior does not really cost $10,000 for example.

That being said, no manufacturer makes “middle-ground luxury” options. You cannot get luxury on the budget. That is because driving such a car is also a status symbol. And you cannot really put a price on that, can you?


Cars are one of those things that you don’t really expect to have many of. We change our phones every couple of years (or maybe even annually), but with cars things are a bit different. First of all, they are expensive – both to buy and to maintain. Secondly, they are supposed to last us a while, right? And yet it seems like the most reasonable deal is to sell your old car when you’ve paid it off and just get a new one with a down payment.

Does this make sense though? And should you actually buy a new car? Maybe you should be the one buying the used model after all. In this article we will take a look at what makes sense for different people. Don’t forget that there are many auto transport companies such as Instacar Transport that can help you if you want to buy a used car out of state.

The Pros of Buying A Car On A Regular Basis

Let’s first see why you should consider having a car every 5 years or so (the most common lease period). For starters, new is usually better. Maybe not in terms of part quality, but definitely in terms of functionality. Though you should keep in mind that manufacturers may not have a new model iteration for you in 5 years. Sometimes they keep the same generation for 6 or more years. This may eventually affect your decision. Nevertheless, you should be able to get a new car with new tech every couple of years.

Another benefit to new cars is that you are much less likely to have them break down. Even if they do, they are usually covered by warranty and you won’t be paying as much for repairs. Yet beyond the 5 year mark is where most problems start to occur so by that point you should have made up your mind on what to do.

The final major thing is that you will have peace of mind. While the used market is much better nowadays, you still may get a used car with an underlying problem that springs up a couple of months in. At that point you don’t have much of a choice – you have to pay for your repairs.

The Pros of Keeping Your Car… or An Alternative

While this is not the most exciting choice, it is perhaps the one that makes most sense. Why? Well, if your car isn’t breaking down and you can afford the occasional repair, why bother replacing it? Sure, you might get a bit better fuel efficiency, but that is about it. Plus you will still pay more overall for a new car than you would pay for repairs on your old ride.

Or alternatively, you can just buy a used vehicle, if you want to experience something new, without spending all that much. Cars depreciate like crazy, so a 6-year-old vehicle may cost much less than a new one. And frankly, 6 years is not a sufficient period for any major improvement. It is likely that the old car will be just as capable as any new vehicle.

So what is your pick?


We are already halfway through 2018 and we can definitely see some interesting car trends going. The angular design is still a thing, and although most manufacturers are not renewing their lines, we still see a couple of nice touches here and there.

Today we are going to talk about the cars that are worth your money and are the best bang for the buck. Keep in mind that you can utilize auto transport to get even better deals by buying from an online seller rather than only your local dealership. But now let’s see the cars!

The Best Compact SUV For Your Money

The award here goes to Ford Edge with its small-ish body, which is still capable of transporting 5 people without worries. Sure, it is not exactly the family car you may be looking for, but it will get the job done. It has plenty of space for your baggage, so going camping with it is not hard at all. Just make sure that a compact SUV is what you actually want.

The Minivan Alternative

If you want a family car, but you are not that fond of SUVs than you are probably looking for a minivan. In such a case Honda Odyssey is your best bet. It is affordable, highly reliable and very comfortable. Your family will love a ride in it, and although you would not look like the king of the hill with it, you can still enjoy it for years to come. Did I mention it also has a Wi-fi spot if you want?

The Compact Car For Your Regular Person

If you don’t have a family but just want a reliable, useful car, then you cannot do much better than Toyota Corolla. It is fairly compact, but still has plenty of space for the time where you need to car pool or go out of town for the weekend. Being fuel efficient is also a big thing for Toyota. The only problem I have with the car is its looks, but this is a personal preference anyway.

The City EV

The new Chevrolet Bolt should fit this category pretty well. While it is not the best EV out there, it is the one that is compact, fairly cheap and pretty appealing overall. It can go 250 miles on a single charge as well, making it quite the capable beast. Plus you can get it with a bigger battery as well, so you can have even more charge. Great, right? Plus, EVs are great for the environment.

The Luxury Choice

If you want to spend some extra money and get something good, I advise you to look into Audi’s line up. For example the A3 is very compact if that is what you are looking for, while the A4 is more of a regular sedan. However, if the latter is what you want, perhaps you should go after A6, as it offers more space. The Q line is also good for the SUV fans out there.

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