Car Shipping During Winter – What You Need To Know

November 13, 2018 Auto Transport

Do you know what the busiest moving season is? Summer! In fact, many moving companies see so much work during the summer that it offsets the lack of customers during winter. The latter is actually known as a dead season, where you’d be lucky if you can score a couple of jobs during the weekend.

However, the same cannot always be said about auto transport companies. The specifics with us are quite different and can actually affect you in a different way. Today we are going to look into everything you need to know about transporting your car during the winter – whether you can do it, when should you book your trip and what you should expect in general.

Is Winter Car Shipping Even Possible?

The problem with winter and driving is quite obvious – the snow. It can cause countless issues for drivers, which is why many of us prefer to stay inside, where we all feel cozy and warm. Well, what about truck drivers? Most of them dislike driving during bad winter weather for understandable reasons.

That being said, there are still plenty of carriers who would take your car. But due to the supply and demand situation the pricing can vary. It also depends on the shipping route as a whole. For example, if you are shipping a car from California to Florida, the weather won’t be that much of an issue. Yet a trip from Illinois to Minnesota is a whole different story.

Nevertheless, regardless of where you want to ship your car to and fro, you can get in touch with us to receive a free car shipping quote at any time.

When Should You Book Your Winter Car Shipping?

Booking auto transport is not something that you should do months in advance. We do not operate under the same conditions that moving companies do. The best approach is to consider booking us a week or two in advance, so you can get an adequate price quote and place on our carriers.

You still have to know that late autumn and early winter is quite busy if you are considering a move from north to south. That is because the so-called snowbirds are traveling from the northern states to Florida and the south. They book up car carriers pretty quickly, which may even drive the price up, depending on the demand situation.

Be Aware

Since winter driving conditions are often bad, you should know that open carriers are not the best bet if you want your car to arrive in pristine visual condition. There won’t be anything wrong with it, but it will definitely need a car wash, especially if there was heavy snow.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes the weather simply does not allow for driving and if the carrier considers it unsafe, they will wait the weather out. That is why transporting delays are possible (although not that common) during the winter months.

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