Why Aren’t Manual Transmissions More Common In The States?

February 1, 2018 Cars

Manual transmissions – seemingly every American’s nightmare. But is it so? I know a lot of people who have no problem driving stick. And yet they are far outweighed by the majority, which knows nothing about using manual transmission. You also have to go out of your way to buy yourself a vehicle with stick shifts on the US market. Well, let’s first see why people love stick shifts!

The Love for The Stick

It is likely that everyone with preference of stick over automatic will tell you a different reason they prefer it. But the most common is because you just feel way more connected to your vehicle than usual. You have to guide it, pay attention to its sound, to the engine, to the RPM. These things matter when you are operating a stick shift.

If you don’t know more about how to drive stick, you may simply assume it is changing gears whenever you feel like it. But that’s not the case. Most enthusiasts know exactly when the right time to change gears is. But newer manual transmission models even come out with a reminder telling you to switch gear when that’s appropriate. So it automatizes you. Which is nothing exceptional either.

The Dislike of Manual Transmission

As Americans we are likely raised with the perception that manual is just… difficult. And our brain often interprets difficult things as inherently worse than others. After all, if you can buy sliced bread, why buy a whole one at all? You can never get the pieces perfect and you waste time and energy. Of course, there are merits to both choices, but with manual transmission things are not as simple.

Here is a fact – automatic transmission were worse in the beginning. They wasted fuel, they didn’t know when to shift gear properly and they broke down more easily. But now… Now things are not so clear. We cannot say outside any reasonable doubt that manual is simply better. Even if you are a pro racer, a well-designed automatic box will still outshift you.

And here comes the problem. We as Americans want it easier. But easier is not necessarily worse, as many people would like you to believe. Yes, as humans we are design to face challenges. But also as humans, we are designed to go past them. The same thing that drives the development of driverless vehicles has also driven the development of automatic transmissions.

Yet something still feels quite personal about being able to shift gears at your own will. To know when to push that pedal to the metal, so to speak.

What Is Your Take?

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