Are We Seeing The End Of The Sedan?

November 8, 2018 Cars

We all know the sedan – the general purpose car that is good for just about anything, except heavy duty tasks. Not quite the family vehicle, but one step above compact autos for sure. And yet, this middle ground seems like the best place to be, right? Because most people need something in the middle, don’t they? Maybe not!

As one of the leading auto transport companies we see plenty of vehicles each day. And there is definitely a trend – the middle ground of cars is going away. Now you go either big or small, but the sedan in between? Yes, that is pretty much dying.

Today we are going to look into the reasons why sedans may be on their way out. You may not want to happen, but there isn’t much you can do (except buy more of them, perhaps). So let’s jump straight into the topic.

People Know What They Want

The first reason why sedans are going out of style is because people actually do not want them. This is not to say they do not need them, but with all the hype around other types of vehicles, the sedan seems just plain boring. You may think that people do not usually fall for marketing hype, but think again – they do!

Here is the thing though – what people want may not be what people need. Why exactly does anyone need a crossover? It is not good on the off-roading aspect, it consumes more fuel and it barely has enough space in it anyway. We have compact and subcompact crossovers, which makes no sense. Yes, they look cool, but what utility do they have?

And yet people are buying them like crazy. Marketing has done its job to convince you that the bigger the car the more presentable it is. And you know what? It is also more expensive. Which leads us to our second point.

Companies Are Making More With SUVs

The cost of purchasing an SUV or a crossover is higher than getting a sedan. Production-wise though? Not so much. Companies can charge more for these vehicles, because they appear to cost more. That makes car manufacturers happy, because you are more than willing to give your money for something like this.

But they also know that some people still need and want compact cars. So they also offer those. They emphasize efficiency, utility and their compact nature. Honestly though, a nice compact sedan can be just as good and as efficient. And 8 inches in length don’t make that much of a difference anyway. However, by stressing both ends of the spectrum, car manufacturers virtually leave you without a choice.

Think of it like this – you may need a slightly larger car. A sedan would do the job where a compact auto won’t. But then you hear this awesome thing about the compact SUV. It is a bit larger than the sedan, so you know – you get more space. And supposedly it offers a more comfortable ride. Did we mention it appears safer, too? Perhaps you can go on a proper trip with it one day!

That is how you end up spending a good few grands more on an SUV and how the sedan finds its way out.

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