3 Hidden Vehicle Costs

September 7, 2018 Auto TransportCars

When we are deciding what car to buy there are several major factors we take into consideration. Of course, we want the car to be functional for our needs, but we also need it to be fairly reliable and if we can get that at a good price it will be a score for us. Because at the end of the day, no matter how luxurious, reliable and functional a car is, if it does not fall within our price range, we are not going to buy it.

But is price the most important thing? Or to put it differently – is the initial cost of the vehicle the only thing you should look at? Could there be more to how the price is formed? Sadly, a vehicle can cost you much more down the line, if you forget about the hidden costs of these cars.

Hidden Cost #1: Part Availability

Even the most reliable vehicles break down from time to time. At that point you will be forced to shell out a bit of money and take care of repairs. Sure, for the first several years this may be covered by warranty, but after that you are on your own.

Sadly, most people do not consider that part availability may be an issue. If the car you buy is not so common, it is likely that the parts won’t be common either. So when you consider how “unique” a vehicle is, also think about the fact that uniqueness may not always be a positive trait.

Hidden Cost #2: The Add-ons

Just because the basic model of a vehicle is cheap, does not mean that the model itself is all that cheap when you factor in all the things you actually need. Sadly, the dealership industry lures you in with great prices, only to get you to buy something much more expensive.

But the worst part is not buying what you need – it is buying what you don’t need. This is how they get you. They throw in nice extras that are overpriced, unnecessary and designed to look crucial.

Hidden Cost #3: Your Carbon Footprint

Okay, not all of us are all that concerned about our impact on the environment. However, we should be. And for those of us that actually are, it matters if we are being tricked into buying an “eco-friendly” vehicle, just to learn that the environment could have been better off with something else.

For example, you may think that EV batteries put a strain on the environment, but then you forget that gasoline engines are much worse. Why? Well, it is not only that you burn the fuel, but also fuel is needed to get that gas to you. Trucks transport it to gas stations, you have to get to the station, too, the petrol needs to be refined. All of these things pile up quite fast.

If you care for the environment, you’d be happy to learn that with car shipping you are taking the right decisions. Instead of 10 cars being on the road, there is only one truck there. Much better, right?

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