Why Do You Love Cars… For Real?

April 17, 2018 Cars

There is something very weird about cars. In essence, they are nothing more than simple tools that you use to get from one place to another. I mean, sure, they can also be equipped with a variety of accessories, but this is their main purpose. However, we do not get attached to any other tool as much as we do so with our cars.

A lot of people even cherish their vehicles more than they do their homes. Which is weird. But we have all seen it – we would rather fix what is wrong with our car than a problem with our home. Sure, the stairs maybe creaking awfully, but we can handle that. But if our seatwarmers stop working, we have to go to the repair shop. Not to mention if we notice a scratch somewhere!

All these things make me want to ask the question – why. Why do we feel so attached to our vehicles? Are they really special? In what ways do we associate them with ourselves? Let’s see!

The Psychology Of Cars

Here is the thing – cars are not simply cars. What may seem fairly weird at first, is actually quite obvious. Why don’t we define ourselves by the homes in which we live all that much? Because most people don’t see them anyway. We move every couple of years and we rarely feel attached to them. Not to mention that they are not that much of an expression, with minimalism being all the rage right now.

So this is where cars serve as our ways to define who we are. Do you drive a sports vehicle? You likely don’t have a family, or not a big one at least. Or you have so much money that you have a second car, and a sports one at that.

A minivan? You are obviously a family guy. An SUV? A family guy with some cash, perhaps. Maybe you are currently riding in a new Tesla? Maybe you are a hipster, or maybe a lucky person who is also concerned about the environment.

All these things play such a huge role in our image that we subconsciously know how much our cars are extensions of us. We use them to send a message, not just to get ourselves from point A to point B. It is only natural then that we spend so much time picking the right car. Even if it is used. In a sense, to us it is still new and it still shouts “This is me!”

Ready To Buy A New Car?

What do you think, should you change the message that you send to people? Do you want others to know you are more serious, or that you are a risk-taker? Then go ahead and look for a new vehicle. And don’t be afraid to do so in dealerships out of state. Online car markets can get you great deals. We from Instacar Transport will be there for you. You can get free car shipping quotes every time you want!

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