What Is To Come In The Car World?

November 26, 2018 Cars

Having your business revolve around cars gives you quite the perspective on things. For the past 20 years we have seen many evolutions in car design, but we have not seen that many groundbreaking things. It was not until recently when we have started seeing some disruption and cars that actually broke the general ideas of what the industry is capable of.

Do you know when you can say that a change is here to stay? When auto transport companies start noticing it every day. So going along this definition, we can say that EVs are definitely a thing. They are not a gimmick and they are definitely the future. But what about other technologies?

Of course, we can speculate about tons of things. Perhaps one day we will have flying cars, but that is more fiction than anything else. But self-driving ones? These are possible. What about another fuel source, which is not even electricity? Toyota tried hydrogen a while back. So what else can there be?

No More Personal Vehicles

Now, this is more on the speculative side of things, but it is definitely possible. We have seen the rise of services such as Uber and Lyft. It is not that hard to imagine that in a world of ultimate efficiency, we will have no use for private vehicles. For example, whenever you need a car, an algorithm will be able to figure out the most optimal way to pick you up and do it in less time.

It can be the case that cars will be designed with ride sharing in mind. The seats will be separate even with covers to not see who else is riding. It may be hard to imagine right now, but there are companies working to accomplish just that.

Electronic Everything

Our cars are getting more and more computerized by the minute, but they are not yet to the place where all mechanical things are left aside. Interestingly enough, that may be coming to an end soon. Aside from the engine, which can hardly be just electronic, everything else can probably be tied to a computer.

Take the windshield for example. Can you imagine a heads-up display on it? Because some people can and are doing their best to bring it to you. Additionally, smart systems are already helping people with parking their vehicles, so there is that. The need for mechanical skill and space awareness is going away.

Safety Features

We can talk fancy new additions as much as we want, but they would not matter if we do not take care of people’s safety first. What good is a HUD if it is going to distract you from driving, for example? So the next big leap will be coming in the safety department.

Certain vehicles have automatic breaking systems, while others have special suspension that can track and predict possible collisions, so it will bump the side of the car upwards, thus limiting the possible damage significantly. Smart, right?

There are probably other technologies that will come soon, but these are the ones that interest us the most.

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