What Car Should You Buy – Big vs Small?

June 13, 2018 Cars

Whenever people decide to make a bigger purchase they start researching. They may have an idea in mind prior to that, but nothing is set in stone. However, once you start searching you may go so deep down the rabbit hole that you no longer know what you want, why you should want it and whether or not you should be purchasing a new car right now anyway.

We from Insta Car Transport are here to help. We are one of the most reliable auto transport companies and our goal is to give you the best auto information! So today you will learn whether your should put your money in a bigger car or instead invest in a smaller and more compact alternative.

The Pros of Big Cars

If you are looking for comfort, there is no way a small car can match that of a bigger one. Whether we are talking about a nice SUV, a decent-sized minivan or even a spacious sedan, the fact remains that these cars are designed with comfort in mind. This is where no corners are cut.

Bigger cars also suit larger families much better. However, a lot of people dismiss that fact if they don’t have children yet. But you shouldn’t! A roomier vehicle gives you the option to travel far and wide much more comfortably, plus it is fairly future-proof.

If you opt for a larger vehicle, you will also notice that most of them have much better engines than their smaller cousins. If you prefer speed, but you don’t want to deal with a lot of third-party modifications, then going for a bigger stock car may be the better option for you. Plus you will have a presence on the road that a smaller car will not be able to match.

The Pros of Small Cars

While bigger cars are generally more comfortable and you don’t have to get crammed up in them, smaller cars have been getting better and better at that as well. Ingenious design has managed to cut down on the form factor while keeping the comfort generally intact.

Small cars also have tons of advantages within the city. They are easier to park, usually have better fuel efficiency and they are also cheaper. That being said, you would be hard pressed to find a smaller vehicle that is anywhere near luxury. Aside from a few German offerings, you are pretty much out of your luck.

Let’s not forget that smaller cars with more efficient engines are also great for the environment. They are produced more easily and they do not pollute as much. So if you want to take proper care of the environment, picking a smaller car makes sense!


While it is pretty much up to personal preference and circumstances, you should not dismiss either option from the get go. If you are a city dweller, but you still want a bigger car, maybe you should consider something that is midway, like a mid-sized sedan, a bigger hatchback, or simply consider buying and shipping the most eco-friendly car option out there.

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