Useful Driving Tips

February 1, 2018 Cars

Most new drivers don’t feel quite sure one they get behind the wheel. Sure, you may have your driver’s license but that doesn’t necessarily translate to skill. Because skill is acquired with time, and we all know that even experienced drivers often make dumb mistakes.

So today we wanted to give you some tips to consider, whether you are a new driver, or a more experienced one. These are not your typical tips so maybe you will learn something new while reading. And if you are on the lookout for a new car, you now have the freedom to purchase one outside of state! Just give us  a call and we will be there with our auto transport services!

Tip #1: When someone is passing you buy don’t speed up or slow down!

Sometimes it is very frustrating when you are trying to pass someone and all of a sudden they start speeding up for some reason. This is not what you should do, but if you have been on the road for any amount of time, you understand it may happen.

However, the opposite is also true – instead of speeding up, they start slowing down. Now, this isn’t bad for you per se, if you are trying to pass them, but it can slow down every other car behind you, if you are the one pushing the breaks. Don’t do that. The person that is passing you is responsible to drive at a proper speed. If you start slowing down you may end up affecting a lot more people than you think.

Tip #2: Don’t rush a green light!

This is something that even experienced drivers do. They see a green light, but are a bit far from it. So what do they do? Speed up to catch it. Never EVER do that. Not only is it dangerous, but you may not be able to catch it in time and this makes you a liability to other people. Plus you will risk quite hefty fines.

Tip #3: Don’t drive if you don’t have to!

We realize that this isn’t that much of a driving tip, but it is crucial. So many people hop on their vehicles even for the shortest of distances. You don’t need to drive 30 minutes to a gym. You don’t need to go buy a carton of milk from the grocery down the road by hopping in your car.

Moving around is useful both for you and for the environment. We know this may sound a bit superficial, provided the niche we work in, but we still realize the value of using your own body. Don’t depend on machinery all the time and definitely don’t always depend on your vehicle.

Bonus Tip: Learn Basic Car Repairs

We wish that you never need to take care of a vehicle breakdown, but in case something happens to it when you are on the road, it is better to know how to take some basic care of it. Changing a tire is something you should absolutely learn, as well as adding oil and additional gas.

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