The Most Purchased Cars In The States!

October 9, 2015 Cars

Who doesn’t love vehicles? Chances are if you are here, you definitely know your fair share about the automobile world. But today we will tell you about the vehicles that most Americans were buying in 2017. Let’s get going!

Chevrolet Malibu and Hyundai Elantra

If you cannot really distinguish these two cars from one another, we are not blaming you! They look almost identical, but that’s not a bad thing. Perhaps their great design and their awesome on-the-road characteristics were among the main reason people were buying them. If you wish, you can snatch one as well. But why not buy used? With the services of Insta Car Transport you can get one from anywhere in the States!

Chevrolet Cruze

This is a best seller in the entire world. What is interesting is that most vehicles are beginning to look a lot alike these days. It kind of reminds us of the way things were back in the day with all the blocky designs every brand was sporting!

Ford Fusion and Nissan Sentra

The American brand is shortly after its foreign competitor, but both vehicles are absolutely amazing! One interesting thing to note? There are some differences between these two! Finally, we can get something that isn’t just a cookie-cutter formula. But do we like the Nissan Sentra’s departure from such aesthetics? We don’t really know!

Nissan Altima

The foreign beast is stealing yet another spot in this list. Nissan really knows how to be competitive when it comes to providing its customers with reliable cars at a decent price. So no real surprise here, we just like the overall trend of spicing things up a bit.

Honda Accord & Honda Civic

These two are amazing! While we are not super fans of their design (really, most modern designs seem to fall short) these vehicles have proven beasts time and time again. It seems like although Honda doesn’t really get the award of the biggest car company in the world, they don’t have trouble snatching up the top places in such lists!

Toyota Camry & Toyota Corolla

The most surprising thing is that we are at the end of our list and there are no German-made vehicle here! Isn’t that interesting? All the power to Toyota, for sure, but European brands seem to be badly represented here in the US. We don’t really know why that is (or we just don’t want to dig it up), but maybe we will leave that for another article!

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