The Leading EV Manufactures – What You Need To Know

December 11, 2018 CarsUncategorized

The next big leap in vehicle technology is obviously the electrical engine. While there are companies, which manufacture it even now, most of the car brands out there have not fully adopted the EV concept. That being said, some are still miles ahead and today we are going to look at some of them.

Auto transport companies have seen the rise in the shipping of electric vehicles. This may not be directly linked to demand, but there is at least a vague correlation. So let’s say you have decided to shop for an EV. Do you know which one to buy? Or which company has great reputation altogether? Let’s explore these questions!

The Obvious Contender – Tesla

We have to open this list up with Tesla. They are the obvious choice for many people, or they would be, if their supply situation was not a complete disaster. While people have been getting there Model 3 vehicles for a few months now, the company does not have a great track record when it comes to filling the demand.

As far as quality control and maintenance goes, Tesla has not acquired many negatives here yet. But being a new company, we cannot really judge much right now.

The Early Adopter – Toyota

We all know the Prius – arguably the most popular part-EV out there. Toyota began the revolution in the market by creating and affordable vehicle, which could also run on electricity (at least for a while).

Toyota are famous for building high quality cars, which also have quite track record in terms of reliability and maintenance costs. The company is also concerned with constant innovation. A lot of their vehicles can be found in hybrid variants as well, and let’s not forget that Toyota also brought hydrogen cars to the public.

The sad part about the company is that most people are not thrilled about the aesthetics of these vehicles. Honestly, we understand that. The design is clearly distinctive, but that does not mean it is exceptional in any way. Here the Americans and Germans do much better.

The Surprise – Hyundai

A lot of people do not see Hyundai as the most reputable car company, but we would argue otherwise. They have adopted the EV mission in its entirety, and they have been improving their electric models for a while. They also know the market well, because you can find Hyundai vehicles in plenty of flavors – plug-in hybrids, regular hybrids or full on EVs. If you are looking for such a vehicle, don’t forget to check out what this company has to offer.

The Rest

The options from Renault, Nissan and Chevrolet are not to be dismissed either. BMW has also stepped up with some EVs, but theirs are rather lackluster in terms of price-to-performance ratio. That being said, I think most people will still strive towards either Toyota or Tesla.

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