The Best SUVs To Get In 2018

July 13, 2018 Cars

We are Americans. That means we love bigger cars and revving engines. There is something special about SUVs that makes us crave them so much. We even like their smaller cousins – the crossovers. So we from Instacar Transport will not be surprised if you are looking to get one such vehicle.

In order to make the best decision, you need good information. That is why today we will give you our top 5 picks for the best SUVs you can buy in 2018. But before that let us give you an initial tip!

Buy Online!

Car dealerships are a nightmare. But dealing with them online is much easier. Plus you have the option go look at prices in different states. At that point you can really leverage that and get the best deal possible. And if you wonder how you will get the car to you, don’t worry, we have you covered! With Instacar Transport you can get fast and easy car shipping without a problem.

Pick #5: Volkswagen Atlas

We open up the list with a piece of German engineering. The Atlas is great car, because it is capable of many things. Not only is it worthy of being called an SUV, but it is also quite affordable at that. Plus you do get that German premium feel, even if it is “the people’s car”. Plus it is awesome for families and you should not be worried about handling – it is great!

Pick #4: Kia Sorento

Kia as a company has gone through quite a lot. They have not always come up with the best automotive solutions, but the Sorento is amazing. It’s 3-row variant has won many awards with its comfort, utility and aesthetic appeal. Just like the Atlas, it is much more of a family car, than a statement vehicle. Still, you will definitely look great with it.

Pick #3: Hyundai Tucson

While many may not agree with us putting this so high on the list, we still think that the Tucson is a great vehicle. Why? Because it is compact, super affordable and can be a nice first car. Its handling is awesome, it has good efficiency, and while it may lack the engine punch, it is still a comfortable ride.

Pick #2: Ford Expedition

The Expedition is the American car. It is big, bulky and monstrous. It can carry your family, while also keep up the impressive looks. While it isn’t exactly affordable, it is not meant to be. You buy this vehicle to show that you care about your car, but you also care about your family. A great contender on the list and even a potential first place.

Pick #1: Mazda CX-5

We feel like this Mazda is the best overall pick, because it really suits most people. It is capable of a lot of things, while not being small at all. It is fairly agile, has great handling and you can push the pedal hard. High safety is also a thing here and its exterior is a sight to behold.

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