Should You Keep Your Old Vehicle Or Get A New One?

May 25, 2018 Auto TransportCars

There comes a time when your old car just doesn’t seem to run as well as it used to. Maybe you can’t keep up with its maintenance, or maybe its engine just wants a little bit of a break, but things are not going well for it. At that point you may wonder whether it is worth it to buy a new one or save up a bit of cash and go for an overhaul of your current one. Is there a clear solution? Let’s see!

The Budget Reasons

The first thing that pops to mind when you are considering such a decision is your budget. Perhaps it will ultimately be cheaper to repair your old vehicle. After all, repairs should be less expensive than buying a whole new car, right? Well, it depends.

If your car is 5 to 7 years old and it has just begun showing signs of age, you may be better off repairing it. With proper care it can last you for another 5 years and this will not come nearly as close as the price of a new car.

However, if your car is older than 10 years, you may be at the point when repairs will become much more frequent, while performance will dwindle constantly. You won’t be getting a better driving experience, you will just be postponing the car’s inevitable death. In such a case it may be wise to invest in a new vehicle.

The Environmental Reasons

If you have environmental concerns things may be even tougher for you. That’s because there is no universal consensus on whether buying a new car is more environmentally beneficial than maintaining your old one.

Here is our take – even if you consider buying new to not be very environmentally friendly, you cannot make much of a case for driving an old car. Why? Because 10-year-old engines are not efficient and they emit more harmful substances than newer ones. Are these emissions greater than the ones emitted during car manufacturing? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s not as important, because you have a third option.

You can just buy a used car. It does not have to be old, it may be even in the same vehicle generation. A lot of people sell cars that have been on the road for less than 5 years, so you are perfectly okay with buying such a vehicle. It may be an awesome deal, actually.

If you want to save even more money, you can actually look at online car dealerships that sell used vehicles. That way you may find the perfect car for the perfect price. At that point you just need to ship it to you, but don’t worry, that is where our free car shipping quotes come into the picture. Get yours now!

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