Open Carriers

If you are on the look for a general purpose auto transport, open carriers are just for you! They are the traditional car transporters.

In the world of car carriers there are two general differences – open and enclosed transport. While each of them can vary in size and number of decks, these variations are not usually something the customer is interested in. However, the open and enclosed carriers themselves each serve different needs.

To learn more about enclosed transport, you can visit its dedicated page on our Instacar website. There we go into much more detail on what it is exactly and who it is for.


Open Carrier?

These are the trucks that you have without a doubt seen before on highways. They are usually carrying 5-10 cars, which are exposed. Thus its name – open transport. The trailer is by no means covered by anything, meaning it has less weight, which brings the price of the service down as well.

Open carriers make up the majority of car carriers around the world. They are made to fit the needs of as many people as possible, reaching a good balance between affordability and reliability of the service. Here at Instacar we work both with open and enclosed carriers, so whatever your need is, we can take care of it.



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Open Transport For?

Many people think of open transport as the low-end of the carrier services. This is by no means true. The fact is that open transport works for the widest niche of clients. These are car dealerships, which need regular daily shipments, as well as individual clients, who just want to transport their vehicle across the country.

If your car is your daily driver, which you use constantly, then open transport is an excellent option for you. Your car will be handled with great care and delivered on time. One of the great benefits of open transport is the sheer availability of it, making waiting times much shorter.


Open Auto Transport Cost?

While there are many factors, which are necessary for us to give you a concrete price, it is safe to say that open transport is cheaper than enclosed. In the general case, it often isn’t reasonable to go with enclosed transport, if you are only transporting a single regular vehicle.

Since open transport makes up more than 80% of all US car carriers, this means there is less waiting, when you are put on the carrier queue. Plus, higher supply also drives the price down, so the clients get a much more affordable service, especially if their vehicle doesn’t require any special care. If you have a luxury vehicle, or a vintage one, enclosed transport may be better suited for your needs. However, open carriers are the best general purpose auto transport available for booking.

If you are not sure which kind of auto transport is right for you, we can help you with that! Give us a call, and our Instacar shipping experts will be able to explain everything you need to know about each of the transports. If you want, they can also give you their professional recommendation.

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