If you are not familiar with how car shipping works, this is the place to start. We explain the entire process in great detail.


Don’t Worry, Here’s How It Works!

While auto transport is quite the big niche, there are people who are not that familiar with how it works. If you are a first time car shipper, then you have come to the right place. Below we will explain in detail how the entire process works, but if you want the gist of it here it is:

  1. Request a quote.
  2. Let us get back to you with a calculated shipping price.
  3. Book the service if you like our offer
  4. Prepare your car for shipping and wait for it to get picked up
  5. Receive your car at the destination of your liking

This should give you an idea about how this entire thing operates. However, there are some very important details for first-timers, which need to be clarified. Some of them are all things that are needed to calculate the price, as well as all the steps to prepare your vehicle for transportation. So stick with us through this guide, in order to familiarize yourself with our simple auto transport process.

Step #1:

Requesting a Quote

The easiest way to request a quote is by submitting it online. You can do this via the form you can find on our website. However, you may also give us a call with a quote request. Really the choice is up to you. When you request a quote online, we will call you to clarify certain important details, which are factored in the price

Step #2:

Calculating the Price

One huge difference that you will notice with us versus many of the big brand auto transport companies out there is this – we don’t ever use automated calculator to give you a flat price. While they are convenient, especially when you have a lot of orders coming in regularly, they hinder the quote process when it comes to the clients. Why is that?

When you request a quote from Instacar, we call you to get certain details from you. They usually include vehicle information, whether you prefer an expedited service or not, as well as information about the pickup and drop-off destinations.

With all that information we can give you a quote that is tailored according to your needs. An automated calculator on the other hand, will spew out a fee based on very few factors. You often end up paying more than you have to for transporting your car.

Step #3:

Booking the Service

All the quotes we give are free. That means you are not bound to accept them, nor pay for the quote itself in any manner. Should you accept our offer, you book our services and then we head out to schedule your car transport.

Keep in mind that car transport is not usually scheduled on a precise date. Rather we ask you to give us a range of available dates, so we can accommodate you in the best possible way. Due to the nature of the industry, we cannot give you an exact pickup or delivery date, except if you pay for an expedited service. But even then you are not actually paying for an exact date, but you are put at the front of the carriers’ vehicle pickup queue.

Step #4:

Preparing Your Car for Shipping and Having It Picked Up

A lot of people are daunted when they hear there is something to do about the car when you book the service. After all, isn’t this thing completely hands-off? Isn’t that why you are purchasing the service in the first place? Don’t worry! Preparing your car for shipping is super simple and pretty straightforward.

There are just some common-sense steps you need to go through. For example, it is best if you don’t fill up the gas tank all the way up. A quarter to a third of it should do just fine. You should also remove your personal items from the vehicle, as well as all loose things in it. These include bottles of water, fresheners, personal documents, and the like.

This should be done during the waiting period. After you are done with it, the only thing left is to have your car picked up at the scheduled date. We will get to you a few days prior to your pickup date. When the carrier arrives, the driver will inspect the vehicle for any pre-existing damages together with you. Should any be found, they will be filed.

We from Instacar Transport go to great lengths in providing the best customer experience possible. In the video below you can see how we load vehicles on our carriers. Your car is handled with extreme care and attention so it can be loaded and unloaded safely.

Step #5:

Receiving Your Car

After your car is picked up the only thing left for you is to sit back, relax and wait for it to arrive at the desired destination. You can always ask the truck driver about the expected delivery date, but keep in mind that sometimes unexpected circumstances occur and the driver may be a day or two off schedule.

This is it! Although it may sound like a lot at first, it really isn’t that difficult. We just make sure that our clients have all the information they may need. If you still feel like there is something you don’t quite understand, feel free to contact us and we will explain everything!

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