Expensive Cars – Are They Worth It?

August 21, 2018 Cars

If you are a car enthusiast, you probably want that sweet luxury vehicle, right? Maybe it is the sports car you have been eyeing for a while, or that super formidable SUV. Perhaps it is an off-road beast that you prefer! Well, is that the right pick though?

Today we are going to see if expensive cars are truly luxurious and whether or not more money means better quality. If you are interested in purchasing such a car though, don’t forget that you can still find it cheaper online. In such a case we can help you with auto transport from a different state. But for now, let’s get going!

Does It Make Economical Sense?

Before we see whether or not luxury vehicles are indeed of higher quality, first we have to ask ourselves whether or not they make economical sense. Why? Because sometimes a more expensive thing does indeed work better and in turn can save you money. However, is that the case with luxury cars? Not really.

Every car, cheap or expensive, is still a complicated piece of machinery. It has a lot of moving parts and all of them are prone to wear and tear. Sure, some cheap knock-off repair parts last only a little while, but most middle-of-the-road ones will usually be the best deal. Expensive parts do not really bring all that much longevity with them. So, in essence, a luxury vehicle will get worn out just as much. Money does not protect it from such a thing.

So if you are thinking that a high-end vehicle has somehow more life, that is not necessarily true. However, you may indeed get better customer services, although that is not a guarantee either. You have to do your research there.

Do You Still Get Better Quality Though?

When it comes to vehicle quality, the answer gets a bit more… polarizing. That is because quality can be very subjective. On the one hand, you do not necessarily get parts that are of much higher quality. Yes, usually the engines are great (although not always), and the breaks are top notch, but some other components may be the same as more budget-minded vehicles. You can see that with a lot of Japanese brand, but even German auto manufacturers are guilty of doing it.

The one thing that you do get better with luxury vehicles is… well, the luxury aspect. You get better interior, and you usually have a lot more comfort options inside. The A/C is likely more advanced and you probably get a bunch of other extras.

Here comes the issue though – are all these extras worth the money? Luxury vehicles can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Sadly though, it is proven that the price does not reflect the value. After all, a faux leather interior does not really cost $10,000 for example.

That being said, no manufacturer makes “middle-ground luxury” options. You cannot get luxury on the budget. That is because driving such a car is also a status symbol. And you cannot really put a price on that, can you?

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