Expedited Auto Transport

Are you in a rush and need to transport your vehicle on a short notice? With our expedited auto transport service you can do exactly that.


Auto Transport Industry

Before we talk more about what this service is, you first have to understand how the entire auto transport niche operates. So let’s start!

When you request a quote from a company such as Instacar, we calculate the price of shipping your car and get back to you with an offer. When you accept it, you actually book a place in the car carrier queue. There your car is placed among others and it waits for a carrier to get freed up so it can pick your car.

This is also why we can’t give you an exact pickup date at the very beginning. Carriers do not know when their trips for the given route will fill up. Say you are moving from Chicago to Florida. That week only 3 or 4 people may want to go on the same route, so the carrier has to wait for some more to fill up his trailer. Alternatively, there may be 35 cars waiting, but only 3 vacant carriers. So you have to wait for another one to free up.

Considering all this, it is natural that we request you to give us a range of dates when you are available to have your vehicle picked up. Keep in mind that the scenarios above are a bit exaggerated to point out how the service work.



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Instacar Expedited Service?

Here at Instacar we want to deliver the best possible experience for each of our customers. We want to take care of your needs, but sometimes those needs are on a short notice. You have to transport your vehicle at the next possible opportunity, so you can’t afford to be put on a waiting list. What do you do then? You purchase an expedited service.

By getting such a service, you are actually paying more to be put at the head of the queue. A carrier will see a better paying load on the dispatch board, and will pick your vehicle next, instead of another regular quote. We have to state that you are not taking someone else’s place on the truck. Rather your place on the next available carrier will be secured before anyone else.


An Expedited Service?

If you are not in a hurry and you can afford to wait a few days, the expedited service is not for you. But we know that life has a lot of surprises for us, so it from time to time certain things pop up and we have to deal with them. That is why this service exists. Maybe you have forgotten to schedule your car shipping sooner. Maybe you’ve been planning to drive it yourself, but something unexpected have come along. Or maybe you want to transport your new car as soon as possible. In such cases an expedited service from Instacar Transport is exactly what you need.

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