Car Features You Did Not Know You Want

January 22, 2019 Cars

When you go looking for a new car, you always see certain features advertised from the get-go. Heated seats? Heated steering wheel? Heated mirrors? Heated whatever you want? Yes, the heating options are getting a bit out of control nowadays. Some people even say that most of the car features are pretty much gimmicks at this point.

However, we from InstaCar Transport have noticed that people are looking for specific features that rarely get advertised. What is even more interesting is that sometimes they do that unconsciously. So before you order car shipping for that nice used car you’ve marked, check out the interesting features below, which you may not be aware that you actually want!

Resting Your Arm Like It Is Meant To Be

If you have ever had an arm rest in your car, you know how invaluable it is. Honestly, I can never go back to driving a car without one. It feels extremely uncomfortable, and dare I say – unnatural. Of course, there is nothing natural about resting your arm when you are driving, but since I have come from a manual gearbox, I got used to the idea.

Nowadays, even if I am driving an automatic, I still prefer to have an armrest. Of course, when I am in intense traffic in the city I keep both my hands on the wheel. But sometimes, you just want a place to rest your right arm. Seriously!

A Touch of Manual

No, no, we are not talking about manual transmission – but we are talking about manual handbrakes! The truth is that I cannot stand the modern motorized versions that can cause a bunch of problems. Not only are they difficult to fix, but they can get jammed due to cold weather too. Now isn’t that a serious issue? To me it is, and I will always prefer a nice handbrake that can actually be pulled.

Keyless Everywhere

Have you ever had a car, which you did not have to unlock and start with your keys? Plenty of modern vehicles have keyless systems, which allow your car to be opened and started if your keys are in its proximity. I am telling you, this may be a bit pretentious, but I cannot go back to keyed designs. Once you plunge into the comfort of not having to use keys, you want everything to become keyless.

Comfort Is Everything

How much time do you spend with your car each day? One hour? Two perhaps? For a lot of us driving is a daily part of life, and quite significant at that. This is why one of the major things I look at is the comfort of the seats.

If you are not able to sit in the car you want to buy, you should definitely look up some reviews online. Do not underestimate the importance of comfort when it comes to the seats. I have had plenty of bad experiences with terribly uncomfortable seats. And to think I have to sit in it for 2 hours a day? No, thanks!

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