Best Budget Cars On The Market

September 17, 2015 Cars

We know that it is not easy to set aside money for a vehicle. That is why a lot of people resort to budget options, especially if the only thing you are going to use your car is for commuting to work. Well, while you won’t find any Smarts on the list, there are some great options here, so read down below!

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Mazda 3

We start our list with this interesting solution. While Mazda doesn’t have the largest fanbase in the States, it is a considerable choice once you delve deeper into what makes the Mazda 3 great. Not only does it look awesome, it also comes with quite the bang for the buck. Do some research on the different options you can get it with, but it is definitely an option to consider!

Hyundai Sonata

The Sonata has quite the few awards and it is also famous for its reliability. Hyundai is one of those brands that don’t really get huge in terms of marketing, but they have a particular niche – delivering high quality vehicles at a great price. Be sure to check that model out!

Volkswagen Golf

We know that German cars don’t receive that much love here in the States, but that’s sad, because they offer some very nice solutions, which also come at a pretty competitive price. So if you want a well-priced car that can also deliver in terms of specs – check out the Golf.

Toyota Prius

We cannot go on with this list if we don’t include the champion that is Prius. Sure, it looks… well, let’s say it’s an acquired taste, but still, this thing manages to cut on your costs quite a lot and is popular with so many people, so it must be doing something right!

Honda Fit

We cannot do this car justice by just including it here. They offer so many great additions on top of the basic model that we can’t really say that it will fit your budget, but you may try to look what actually can. It is an amazing vehicle and quite efficient at that!

Chevrolet Cruze

The Cruze can fit within a tight budget and it is also pretty fuel efficient if you don’t force it a lot. Considering the fact that it also looks decent, you may indeed want to look into this American solution.
We hope you can now have an easier time picking a budget alternative for your next ride. Drive safe and be sure to check us out if you need help with transporting vehicles!

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