5 Reasons To Want An EV

June 29, 2018 Cars

The electric vehicle concept seems to be here to stay, whether we like it or not. Well, it seems we like it, because the market is clear – cars that are cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, and cheaper to maintain seem like a great deal.

However, many of us are not convinced that we should jump on the EV bandwagon. We have our concerns and that’s it. But maybe we shouldn’t be so skeptical. In fact in this article I have prepared five reasons why you should get excited about electric vehicles, and maybe even want one for yourself.

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Reason #1: It Is All About Style

While this is a bit of a polarizing topic, the EV style is arguably much more futuristic than that of any other vehicle. The design language is clearly modern and often reflects the different value proposition of the vehicle. Even smaller cars are made to stand out and you can opt for a unique budget solution.

Reason #2: No Fuel Dependency

How great is it that you can go home and fuel your vehicle overnight? I think that is awesome and it is also much cheaper. While the initial investment may be a bit costly if you are looking for a faster charging speed, you are still reaping a ton of benefits.

While forgetting to charge the car isn’t much better than forgetting to get some gas in it, you can still integrate failsafe measures into your morning routine.

Reason #3: They Are Actually Fairly Cheap

If you decide to go with an EV right now you won’t be an early adopter. That means you won’t be paying a premium just because you want to enjoy the new technology. Plus with Tesla ramping up their production you may expect even more price drops from other companies. It seems like there is no better time to jump on the bandwagon!

Reason #4: Less Failing Potential

Not only is it cheaper to maintain an EV, but failure risk is lower as well. There are not as many parts to it as there are with your regular vehicles. So this is a nice thing to consider. You are less likely to experience a malfunction when you are on your way to a nice vacation.

Reason #5: The Environment Matters

Even though this is the most obvious and therefore boring reason, it still holds true. You may be sick and tired of hearing it, but caring for the environment is important. We all want to breathe cleaner air and we want global warming to stop. So why don’t you do your share by driving an EV?

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